How to exercise on VersaClimber?

How to exercise on VersaClimber?



Gentle stretching is recommended before and after a climb. Chest, Shoulders and cross-arm stretches are all good for preparing the upper body. Standing quad stretches and lunges are good for preparing the lower body. Remember to stretch after your climb!

Back & Core:

When using VersaClimber, ensure that your back remains straight and is aligned with the 75˚ angle of the shaft. only your limbs should be moving, apart from a slight rotation in the torso. You should feel your para-spinal muscles (core) working to maintain your position.

Feet & Knees:

Before you start climbing (and at periodic intervals during your climb) look down to check your toes are pointing straight ahead. Many people (some with hip flexibility issues) notice their toes creeping outwards while climbing. Check and correct foot position frequently - your knees will also be aligned perfectly if your toes point straight ahead, and this will contribute to a bio-mechanically more effective & safe workout.

Head position:

Tilting your head up to glance at the console display periodically is fine. For most of your workout, your head position should be straight and in alignment with your back and shoulders. It is inadvisable to allow your head to 'wave about' in an uncontrolled manner.

Limb extension:

Achieving full limb extension when climbing is highly beneficial.  VersaClimber offers a safe, non-jarring closed chain exercise.  For a bio-mechanically more effective exercise, arms and legs should be at full extension at the top of each stroke. Apply consistent force upon both downwards & upwards strokes.

Sprints / Resistance:

Many people cannot achieve full limb extension while sprinting and are less likely to check posture and foot position. Using moderate resistance will slow down the speed of the climb to allow the trainee to focus more upon the key elements of an effective workout (posture, alignment, and limb extension). Using resistance works the muscles harder and increases the heart rate faster, leading to an increase in muscle strength and endurance.