VersaClimber & Lagree Studios

VersaClimber studios have swept across the USA and new studios are opening all over Europe, from Amsterdam, London, Turkey to Zurich and Warsaw!

Looking and sounding more like a nightclub, these studios offer climbing classes which keep their customers delighted and coming back for more.  Led by an experienced instructor, the classes are supercharged with dazzling lighting and the latest workout music.  Classes usually last around 30 minutes and the clients can expect to burn around 500 calories in a series of total body workouts on the machines.

Versaclimber studios build communities of extremely loyal (and vocal) clients.  Referrals are a major part of client attraction and retention, with many clients taking to social media to post images and videos of their classes, instructors and the ‘mountain they just climbed!’

See what studio owners around the world have to say about their studios: VersaClimber Studios around the world.

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