So what is a VersaClimber Studio?

So what is a VersaClimber Studio?


VersaClimber has been around for over forty years and in that time many people have tried our machines and loved it. Some of them loved VersaClimber so much that they decided to open boutique fitness clubs which focus only on climbing.

So what is a VersaClimber Studio? The simple answer to that one is to go and watch a few videos on YouTube. Imagine a nightclub venue, but instead of a dance-floor, the room is filled with the best cardio and strength machines in the world – VersaClimbers!

You may have already seen ‘spin’ classes but a VersaClimber class takes full-body HIIT cardio to the highest level. Expect loud music, disco lighting and a qualified instructor to guide you through your class – VersaClimber can be used by beginners and pros.

Typically, the classes range from 20 to 40 minutes and it is not uncommon for trainees to burn around 800 calories in a 40 minute class. Add the fact that you get a full-body workout with no repetitive stress on the ankles, knees and hips, and you will understand why these classes are so popular in the US and western Europe.

Here are a few examples:

Sirens& Titans Fitness (Los Angeles)

Established and owned by Jacques DeVore, Sirens and Titans is a members gym and athletic training facility. Jacques has a long history with VersaClimber and is an unofficial VersaClimber World Record Holder. VersaClimber is central to the offer at Sirens and Titans, whether you are a regular club member or an elite athlete.

Image courtesy of Jacques DeVore

Jacques believes so much in the awesome cardio and strength power of VersaClimber that he runs VersaClimber only classes in his gym. The classes are extremely popular and waiting lists are common.

Image courtesy of Sirens and Titans Fitness L.A.

Sweatby BXR (London)

This ‘VersaClimber only’ chain of fitness studios (inspired by the boxer, Anthony Joshua) is established in London and expanding out towards the middle east and southern Europe. “Sweat-by-BXR is our flexible class-based training product designed to create an unrivalled group fitness experience”.

Image courtesy of Sweat by BXR

The atmosphere in these classes is electric and the results attract movie and pop stars, who train using VersaClimbers in high energy settings.

Image courtesy of Sweat by BXR

RiseNation (US chain)

Rise Nation was the first really large chain of VersaClimber Studios to appear in the US. Founded by Jason Walsh (who trains most of your favorite movie stars), it spans the entire continental US.

The Fun-filled nightclub environment leaves trainees feeling they have had the most fun ever after each class. Trainees claim it is the most effective method of losing weight, developing muscle and having fun with friends (and rubbing shoulders with the stars).

Image courtesy of Rise Nation

Image courtesy of Jason Walsh

VersaClimber Studios are appearing all over Europe: UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland and they are spreading fast. You can even arrange to have your trainers qualified by the makers of VersaClimber.

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