Why is VersaClimber great for hotels?

Why is VersaClimber great for hotels?


Hotels everywhere grapple with the same problem – how do we offer our customers the best experience at a reasonable price?

Many European hotels place great emphasis on attracting business customers from the USA and Western Europe. What would attract them?

Here are three reasons why having VersaClimber in your hotel gym would attract these valued customers:

VersaClimber is very popular in the USA and Western Europe. Travelers from these places will already know how effective VersaClimber is and are more likely to choose a hotel which offers the world’s #1 cardio and strength machine.

• All hotels strive to use their available space efficiently and this includes facilities like the hotel gym. As VersaClimber offers an intense full-body workout but requires just over 1 sqm of floorspace, it can replace larger (and less effective) gym equipment.

• Lastly, but possibly most important, because VersaClimber is so effective and safe, guests can benefit from a cardio and strength workout (up to 500 calories) in around 20 minutes. As there is no repeating percussive force on the hips, knees and ankles, users will not risk injury (as they would on a treadmill). Perfect for business people with demanding schedules.

If you operate a hotel and would like to discuss how VersaClimber can enhance your offer, call or write to us on: info@versaclimber.pl